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Portfolio of Projects

Personal Portfolio : Design Resources
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This collection takes a personal inspiration from my own experience of recently being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease; type 1 diabetes and how I have managed the condition through the wellness of nature. I became fascinated in learning what was happening inside my body with the change and breakdown of cells in the pancreas. In order to portray the narrative of how the body attacks itself and the importance of restoring order and balance through connecting with nature, other themes such as, beauty & decay, inside/outside, chaos & control and order & disorder are explored through the use of different drawing techniques, scale, collage and colour. This is a luxury womenswear evening collection, where the simplistic and minimal silhouettes of the garments reflect ideas of wrapping and protecting the body as well as providing a canvas to display the chaos of the prints. Each outfit is constructed like a painting where all the different elements of the concept are presented through the construction of the silks, print, colourways and silhouettes. This is a multi-meaning layer collection where I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring and developing this personal concept.



This collection I created during the COVID-19 global pandemic at home, when I could no longer complete my handprinted collection in the university studios. This collection uses imagery from the main collection in a different manner and contributes to the project concept by accelerating ideas of wrapping and protecting the body.

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A collection of sketchbook pages and primary drawings, illustrating my personal style, expressive and detailed drawing skills in a range of mediums including, but not limiting to ink, bleach, fine liner, pencil and watercolour. 


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The main focus of my collection is the idea of life and how life can be created, as well as how to nurture life during stressful periods, through the reflection of personal experiences. The concept of sustainability is explored through imagery of recycled installations, as well as a consideration of fabrics used. The theme of my visual research concludes of a variety of imagery of flowers, developing embryo cell studies, a series of textual grounds and a collection of drawings of sustainable, reused plastic art installations. The flowers and embryo studies relate directly to my investigation of life, and the series of textual grounds that have been photographically manipulated reflect my lifestyle and experience to stress and tranquillity. The sustainable drawings are in response to exhibitions exploring the current plastic issues. They have been developed in a way that they fit together organically on the page, creating the idea that the detrimental effects of plastic waste need to be diminished in order to protect the environment that we unconsciously depend on in order to live ourselves. The initial starting points for this project were; Medical: Life & Death, Lifestyle & Architecture and Sustainability. Scroll down to read a full description of the inspirations and developments for this collection.



By The Sea was a project based on a trip to Margate, Kent, where I conducted many primary drawings. This project was a starting point early on in my degree that I felt I had met my niche; screen printing. During this project not only did I learn skills in repeat design, screen printing techniques and dye chemistry, I also fell in love with the unpredictable nature of screen printing and learnt to embrace the element of surprise. This project filled me with so much enthusiasm to want to learn more, that in my final degree collection I began exploring how these basic skills and ideas could push the boundaries within screen-printing.

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